Tuesday, January 10, 2012

From The Keene Valley To Saranac Lake To Brighton

The Keene Valley is somewhat settled, but it also affords some spectacular views of the surrounding high peaks. This rustic brown house and its large stack of firewood were nestled at the foot of two Adirondack mountains:

And there were many places to pull off onto the shoulder of the road and snap photos of the mountains which were sprinkled with puffs of clouds:

I stopped at Marcy Field to snap a photo of the surrounding mountains which appeared to be swimming in mist:

And rising out of the steamy forests:

Farther along Route 73, the low clouds had almost consumed the view, but I've always loved to see mountains as the clouds tickle past them. It makes everything both mysterious and alive:

Even the more distant peaks hid shyly behind their clouds:

In a few places I even got to see the clouds up close and personal:

As I passed through the town of Saranac Lake, I stopped to check on the progress of the Adirondack Carousel and found it looking as if it might open soon:

And then we drove on through Brighton, where Whiteface Mountain can be seen in the distance. By that time the dogs were wanting another rest stop, so I knew I'd have to plan something. But I'll post more tomorrow:

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