Saturday, January 14, 2012

Brasher State Forest, Part 2

The dogs and I were exploring a trail in the Brasher State forest just north of the farm. We seemed to be the only ones using the forest that day and were having a grand time:

I was following the John G. Trail which eventually brought us to an intersection with the Kodiak Trail. Not knowing either trail, I just took a guess and turned right on Kodiak Trail:

Kodiak Trail began in a Pine and Spruce forest just like where we'd been. I kept making sure I'd remember the way back as I figured we'd be retracing our steps soon:

We crossed what appeared to be a wet, ferny area, now all frozen over:

Seamus began letting the skinny young dogs do their running without him and stayed closer to me:

And just past the wet, ferny area we hit a road. Of course I didn't know what road, but I guessed it was the McCarthy Truck Trail where we'd parked. If so, I figured I could just turn right and walk the road back to my parked car. There certainly was no traffic of any kind to worry about:

The young dogs seemed to consider this road a Canine Speedway, running for joy. Oh, to have such energy!:

When they'd run far enough ahead, I'd call them back. That doubled their exercise and apparently their joy also. Here you can see Daphne in the lead, running like a little Greyhound. You can also see that Seamus was not fooled by my ruse and just stayed where he was, waiting for us to eventually catch up:

We did finally come to an intersection of sorts which made me think I might have gotten lost and would have to turn back and retrace our steps back along the two trails:

But when I saw the McCarthy Truck Trail sign I realized my car would be parked just down the road a ways:

We began walking down the Truck Trail and eventually did see our little red car parked ahead:

Well, it had been a short but lovely hike though a State Forest and I do plan to do a lot more exploring in the future. But it was still early in the day and I was hoping to drive to nearby Bombay, New York for another exploratory driving tour. But I'll post about that tomorrow:

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