Thursday, January 12, 2012

Afternoon And Evening At The Farm With Sleepy Dogs

Well, we arrived at the farm, the dogs and I, and I began to get us all settled in. Unfortunately, I found a sheet of siding blown part way off the barn. It's much higher and much thicker than it looks, totally beyond my ability to repair. The tenant knows a contractor who may do it at a reasonable price. The winds buffet that side of the barn at terrible velocities and it is not good to have an opening like that:

And then I walked around to the other side to check out the ramshackle old sheds attached to the barn. How come the wind doesn't blow them down?:

I brought the dogs inside once the car was unpacked, the heat turned up and the water running. Their first order of business? Why, getting a snooze of course!:

Little Clover likes to snuggle up in the bed covers:

Daphne, Seamus and Winky made themselves comfy on the floor:

Wally jumped off the bed and began rolling for joy on the rug:

Fergus and Daphne jumped up to take their turn on my bed. You see the bed clothes getting progressively messier:

Clover believes the pillows were put there just for her. It was warm and happy in my little farm apartment in spite of the snow and cold just outside my windows:

And just for a change, Daphne, Winky and Clover all clustered around the heater. I guess it's like dogs and cats gathering around a fireplace:

I put out food and water for the dogs and then cooked myself dinner. Fergus waited at my feet hoping I'd drop something:

Seamus stretched his considerable bulk out on the floor near the table, perhaps also hoping I'd drop some food:

And Wally crawled into the corner under the table. Sometimes a dog just doesn't want to be disturbed! Night was falling and I was tired so I went to bed. I'd be up at the farm all the next day and the weather was predicted to be unseasonably warm. I had big plans for my day up north, but I'll post about that tomorrow:

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