Monday, January 2, 2012

Snowy Forests On The Taconic Crest Trail

I had just begun hiking the Taconic Crest Trail in Petersburgh, New York with my four youngest dogs. The weather was beautiful, at least for a late December day although there were pretty fierce winds at first. The dogs were very happy to be out:

We passed into a more wind-protected area as we continued to hike. The woods were quiet and still as we silently moved along the trail:

In some spots I found the tree branches covered with ice:

And the whole effect of the icy branches was as of a crystal covered woodland all aglow in the sunshine:

Daphne and Clover, AKA the Silly Sisters, were happy but being rather serious all things considered. Perhaps they're (finally) passing out of the puppy state:

Having Seamus along is almost like having a human being with me - only better because he doesn't talk!:

We could see more mountains of the Taconic Range through the leafless trees:

And clear blue skies allowed some sunny warmth to penetrate down to our level as we progressed:

I kept seeing what looked a bit like bean sprouts in the snow and at first I couldn't figure out what they were. Then I remembered that they were Ice Needles, the result of water moving up through wet ground by means of capillary action and freezing when it hit the frigid air:

I tried to keep the dogs close to me yet still allow them some freedom. Occasionally I called them back to me and praised them for their obedience:

I could see more mountains directly ahead of us and knew from past experience that was were the trail would be taking us:

And some of those mountains looked like they'd be quite a climb. They weren't difficult, though.This section of trail is actually quite easy. I put my camera in my pocket and headed for that next mountain. I'll post more tomorrow:

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