Wednesday, January 18, 2012

A Driving Tour Of Moira, New York - Part 1

I'd only planned to include Bombay, New York in my rural driving tour but my route back home took me also through the town of of Moira, New York:

The outskirts of Moira, like Bombay, began as quite sparsely settled farmland:

Even the "Welcome to Moira" sign was located far from any houses in a stand of White Pines. I've never been quite sure how to pronounce Moira. I thought that it was moe-EYE-ra, but an internet search informed that it should be pronounced MOY-ra. Local towns often have idiosyncratic pronunciations and I may have to live up there for awhile before I learn them all:

The houses began to appear more closely clustered together and I seemed to be approaching the town center:

The owner of this home had been building up a stone veneer over a cylindrical addition to his house. He was doing a masterful, artistic job:

In fact, he was doing such a beautiful job that I got a closer photo of it to show you his handiwork:

As I continued on, I passed over a bridge beneath which a family was ice skating. I stopped and got out to snap their picture. They had their Golden Retriever with them and were having a marvelous time. They all waved when they saw me. What a pleasant, happy scene:

My dogs, however, were back in the car and worried about me. They were happy when I got back inside with them. It's no wonder that my car windows are always covered with nose and tongue prints:

Most of the local businesses appeared to be family run and sat off the main road, probably (I guessed) at their family farms:

The houses became closer together and some had leftover Christmas decorations such as these reindeer:

There were modern homes:

And old fashioned homes. I was definitely coming into town. I'll post more about it tomorrow:

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