Thursday, January 5, 2012

Lengthening Shadows On The Taconic Crest Trail

The dogs and I passed over the peak which had been almost clear-cut and continued on toward the Snow Hole. I knew from previous hikes that a very nice overlook was just ahead and planned to stop there. We rested at that scenic place and enjoyed the view. This is looking southwest with the towns of Petersburgh and Berlin in the valley below:

And Seamus also enjoyed the uphill view:

Looking toward the southeast, we could see Route 2 winding its way up across Petersburgh Pass where we had parked to begin our hike. The wind had blown snow onto the bushes where it stuck in clumps and looked like frozen cotton balls:

Clover and Seamus watched me as I moved around snapping pictures. They must have been wondering what on earth I was doing:

But I was tired and it was already afternoon. So we began the return trip, following the same trail by which we'd come. The two Papillons led the way:

It was only mid-afternoon at that point, but the shadows had already begun to lengthen and I could feel the evening chill spreading across the landscape. My legs were weak, a bad side effect from a new drug the doctor had me try. It became so problematic that I began to worry about making it back to the car. I did make it, though, and have since called the doctor and discontinued that medication:

We passed back over the peak where all the trees had been cut down:

At one point I could see Mount Greylock in Massachusetts directly ahead of us. I could easily see the War Memorial Tower at its peak although you probably can't see it in the photo:

My camera's self-timer hasn't been working but I got the idea to just hold it at arm's length and snap my own picture. The result was this scary image. Is it a snow monster?:

I marvel that these little Papillons never seem to get cold. They may be small, but they are surely athletic dogs, a go anywhere, do anything breed if there ever was one:

Daphne and Fergus pose in the afternoon shadows:

On and on we walked, the dogs having a grand old time and me with weakened, wobbly legs. But I'll post more tomorrow from our Taconic Crest Hike:


  1. Gosh, when you posted that pic of where you parked your car I got to wondering if you know how long this hike was? Seems quite far!! You look like Nanook of the North in your picture of yourself (in a good way! :-). Thank you so much for sharing your adventures, I love your blog!

  2. Thank you, Carole. Yes, I was very familiar with that trail as I've hiked it for many years. My problem was the drug side effect. Hopefully that won't be happening again. Thank you for the encouraging words. I likewise follow your blog and enjoy it.