Friday, January 20, 2012

A Driving Tour Of Moira, New York - Part 3

Well, I thought I'd seen the town center of Moira but I was wrong. As I continued my drive I entered the real center of town which had larger, closer houses:

And some of the homes were quite beautiful. This one had a carriage house out back:

Large, old fashioned front porches on which to sit on summer evenings:

And what I guessed was the Town Garage:

A very nice home in the town center:

An insurance business and private residence:

And at the intersection of the County Road with the State Highway, a very large restaurant:

The main intersection also had a town square with a pavilion, a clock and an old brick church:

The town hall had a marvelous little railroad engine out front. I couldn't tell if it was a leftover Christmas decoration or if it was there all year long. Perhaps Moira was an old railroad town. Certainly the feed mill looked like it might have been built along railroad tracks:

I turned onto the State Highway and continued my journey toward home, passing more beautiful country homes:

And a home with a monument to fallen soldiers:

Now that's a real front porch!:

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