Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Long Distance Urban Views

I was on my way to the gym one frigid January afternoon when I saw the modern Rensselaer/Albany (NY) Amtrak Station just ahead. Smoke stacks billowed steam in the background and I just had to pull over and snap a picture:

And from where I was standing I could also look directly east across the Hudson River to downtown Albany. That "bridge" spanning left to right is Broadway (in Rensselaer) as it crosses the Amtrak yard. Those are locomotives parked below it:

I went to the gym and the grocery store but took a different route home. When I saw the Albany skyline ahead once again I stopped for a photo. That boxy white building on the left is the New York State Museum and the other white marble buildings are collectively the Empire State Plaza. The Egg, a performance venue, is clearly visible on the right, appearing next to the light pole in this picture:

And turning my camera to the southwest, I snapped a picture of the Port Of Rensselaer, an industrial area on the eastern shore of the Hudson River:

One last photo of the Albany skyline and then I hopped back into my car to warm up. There wasn't any snow on that day but it sure was cold!:

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