Sunday, January 15, 2012

A Driving Tour Of North Country Barns

I was spending a whole day up at the farm and had just taken the four younger dogs for a short hike in the Brasher State Forest. I figured I'd follow that with a driving tour of the surrounding countryside and Bombay, New York. As I began driving, what I saw mostly was barns. I've always loved picturesque old barns and this was pure gold to me:

This pair of unpainted barns had some of the loveliest grained old barn boards I've ever seen:

A giant old hip-roofed barn all painted white and blue to match the house:

More old barns, farm house and hay wagon. This was real farm country:

When I saw a sign pointing me toward Bombay, I turned onto whatever County road that was (they weren't well marked):

I slowed down and stopped when I saw a flock of wild turkeys right next to the road:

And Daphne found them especially fascinating. Oddly, the other dogs couldn't be bothered to even look:

I passed more old barns, silos and farm houses:

A beautiful pair of barns in fine condition:

An older barn and silo with a couple of pintos out behind:

A closer look at the barn with the pintos:

This old barn seemed to have had several additions over the years. Well, my driving tour was just getting started. I'll post more tomorrow:

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