Tuesday, January 24, 2012

The Final Leg Of The Trip Home

We were on our way home from the farm, the dogs and I. We'd gone hiking in Brasher State Forest and taken a driving tour of the northern towns of Bombay and Moira, New York. The dogs were fresh off a nice rest stop at Marcy Field and I was driving through the Giant Mountain region on my way to join up with the main highway back to Albany:

Snow was falling lightly - just enough to be pretty but without sticking to the roads:

Occasionally the clouds would part and allow magnificent mountain views:

We were close to the tops of most of the nearby mountains and they were wrapped lightly in clouds:

I parked on the shoulder of the road to get a quiet view of the Adirondack majesty:

The waterfall which normally cascades down that cliff appeared to be all frozen but I assumed the water continued flowing beneath the ice:

I still had about a two hour drive to get home but wanted to take my time appreciating the beauty at hand. Once I was on the highway there'd be no leisurely stops for scenery:

I passed through the mountain pass which leads past the trail heads to Giant Mountain, Rocky Peak Ridge and Noonmark Mountain, old friends of mine from my younger hiking days:

And shot one last photo before I pulled onto the main highway. It had been a pleasant, relaxing and fruitful trip up to the farm. I'm always anxious to go back:


  1. This is great. I've never explored the state of New York, so didn't know what to expect. Do you do any long-haul hiking anymore?

    1. When I lived in the Midwest, I thought that New York State was sort of synonymous with New York City. But I now know that the state is filled with great mountain ranges and vast regions of farmland. When I was younger I hiked the high peaks and did some overnight hikes. But now I just do relatively short day trips. I've grown older and I have elderly dogs waiting for me at home.