Monday, January 9, 2012

Driving Through The Giant Mountain Region

I was driving north through the Adirondacks with all six dogs as we made our way to the farm. I stopped alongside the road in the Giant Mountain region to capture a snapshot of these lovely peaks:

All along the road there are both sharp drop-offs and mountains, a beautiful combination but good reason to drive circumspectly as well:

The mountaintops are up close and personal in the Giant Mountain region and I used to hike up there quite often back in a younger day:

When we reached Chapel Pond, I pulled off the road and parked so that I could walk right down to the frozen shoreline. Chapel Pond is a gem of a lake bordered by sharp cliffs which is a favorite for canoes in the summer and ice skates in the winter. On this day, however, there was no one:

I began driving again, and all along the road the cliffs were ornamented and striped with ice:

And then we began to drop down into the Keene Valley. We'd be traveling through some of those high peaks very shortly:

Once down in the Keene Valley, I stopped often to photograph the local beauty:

Low clouds were drifting past the surrounding mountains:

And Adirondack peaks framed nearly every view from the Keene Valley:

There wasn't much traffic on the road and we made good time in spite of my many stops to snap pictures. But I'll post more tomorrow:

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