Monday, January 16, 2012

Beautiful, Rural Bombay, New York - Part 1

I'd just finished a short winter hike with my four youngest dogs in the Brasher State Forest and was on my way to find the small town of Bombay, New York. I passed by some Amish farms where the corn was shocked (stacked in bundles). This was to keep the ears off the ground to allow them to dry for storage:

And right down the road was a large, modern farm with a sizable barn and silos:

And as I passed by this barn I discovered that it was bigger than I had at first realized:

And there were concrete bunker silos and feed bins:

The bunker silos only appeared about half full which surprised me that early in the winter. I never did figure out why:

And then, according to the sign, I arrived in the town of Bombay:

Bombay still looked pretty rural to me, a collection of pleasant homes clustered together on the County Road:

A wheelchair ramp and plywood moose - or were those reindeer left over from Christmas?

Comfortable, friendly looking homes:

The houses grew closer together as I apparently approached the center of town:

I didn't see any grand homes but lots of bungalows, modular homes and older, two story frame houses:

Most houses were built close to the road, a wise thing in snow country on a County road:


  1. Hi, Bill. I found your blog from my friend, Carole, from Carole's Thoughtful Spot. I love your photos and they make me want to hop in my car again! I also have an Upstate New York travel blog where we take photos of places we visit (without dogs! Although I did take my cat to climb Blue Mountain!). You have a great blog. Thanks for sharing the photos. :)

    1. Thank you. It's great to know when people enjoy my blog. But I can't help but wonder how one hikes with a cat(?)