Sunday, July 31, 2011

Conifer Easement Lands

Yes, I know. What the heck are Conifer Easement Lands? I Googled it and found out that they are part of the (Adirondack) Bog River Complex, I didn't find out much else. But when I saw this sign on my way home from the farm, I quickly turned into the clearing to give it a try as a rest stop:

The first two things I noticed were the abundance of Milkweeds in full bloom (the air was so perfumed by them that it smelled like a florist shop) and the abundance of hungry deer flies in full attack mode:

I tried both ignoring and swatting the deer flies as I walked the dogs from the clearing into the forest:

As at the last rest stop, Wally fell behind because he was following by sound only, and Winky fell behind because his short, crooked, old legs could only carry him slowly:

The clearing had a profusion of wildflowers such as this St. Johnswort, Hypericum perforatum:

And I believe that this was Common Milkweed, Asclepias syriaca:

The younger dogs had made it to the forest, but Wally and Winky were still in the clearing. I stayed in the middle and kept an eye on them all:

Seamus was still looking handsome, sporting his first ever professional grooming:

But I called the youngsters back to me and we headed toward the car:

When we met up with Wally and Winky, I had six very happy dogs. We'd all had plenty of exercise and adventure so far on this car journey, but it was time to continue on our way home:

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