Thursday, July 21, 2011

A Few Farm Photos

We arrived at the far, the dogs and I, in the early afternoon and I had a long chat with the tenant. The lawns were mowed and everything looked good:

The tenant was removing old boards and roofing, bless his heart, hidden on the ground in the raspberry patch. The raspberries were beginning to ripen and, while the crop wouldn't be as bounteous as last year's, he wanted to make it easier to get in there and pick them. These are thornless raspberries, so one can push right into the thicket:

The pile of old wood and metal roofing he removed from the raspberry patch. That's the south hay field just beyond the raspberries:

The dogs and I went into the farm apartment and got comfortable. A long drive, for all that it's mostly sitting, is nonetheless quite tiring. A nap was in order:

Fergus, Daphne and Clover knew just where to find a soft, comfortable snoozing spot. I brought a book along (as you can see behind Daphne) and relaxed for a while and read:

Winky does not get up on the bed but was content to be on the floor, yawning happily:
It was quite hot inside the apartment, but with the natural breeze and several fans, I was comfortable. I drove to Massena to buy a few things and then came home to spend the night. Since I was spending two nights at the farm this time, I felt no need to rush:

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