Saturday, July 30, 2011

Carry Falls Reservoir

I'd had a wonderful, adventurous, exhausting trip up to the farm, but the time came to make the long journey home. The dogs and I were traveling south along the Colton/Tupper Lake/Long Lake/Newcomb route when I noticed a small sign designating canoe access to Carry Falls Reservoir. Of course I pulled in to take a look. An earthen dam was right next to the parking area and a bark chip trail led off to the side to access the water. I let the dogs out and we went exploring:

This was perhaps the most deluxe trail I'd ever walked, and yet we again had the entire forest to ourselves:

The trail wound around and up onto the earthen dam:

The only problem was the two small, old dogs. Winky was unusually slow even for him. Wally was unable to see us and I had to keep calling him so he knew where we were. The two of them fell farther and farther behind:

The four younger dogs and I made it to the top of the earthen dam:

And Wally, following the sound of my voice, soon caught up. The reservoir was huge, but I've since learned that the part we could see is perhaps only 15% of its surface area:

We explored the area and then headed back to our parked car:

Alas, Wally again began falling seriously behind:

And little Winky had never even made it to the top of the dam. He was by then getting lost and confused, having wandered off the trail. He knew where we were and was making an effort to get to us, all the while appearing to be having a happy outing:

We finally met back on the trail and continued back to the car:

By the time we reached our parked car, Winky appeared to be tired and I carried him for the rest of the way. But this had been a wonderful excursion and a beautiful discovery. I'll stop again the next time we're passing through the area:

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