Thursday, July 28, 2011

Parishville, New York - Part 1

I'd arrived up at the farm on Sunday afternoon with all six of my dogs and had a good night's sleep. When Monday morning arrived, I first hiked up (and down) Azure Mountain and then hiked the St. Lawrence County Reforestation Area 12 (see previous posts). Both the White Hill Wild Forest and Reforestation Area 12 are just outside the pleasant little Adirondack town of Parishville, New York. I stopped there for a cold drink and then decided to snap some photos of the town:

It's a small town with a very old fashioned Main Street:

And this, surely, is where the town got its name:

The town was filled with pleasant, well kept old houses and had a friendly feel to it:

And the town straddles the banks of the St. Regis River. Just ahead of my car, you can see a reservoir on the right and a dam on the left. The town sits on both banks of the river:

The reservoir is large and really just a very wide spot in the river. It is, therefore, very long:

The town has a nice park and river access:

Many houses sit along the river and I'd imagine that many of them own boats:

The highway bridge across the river is small, apparently because the earthen dam traps most of the water and the actual bridge spans only the narrow channel through which the pent up water flows. Just beyond the bridge is a water gate or floodgate, but I'll cover that later:

The Parishville, New York Post Office. I'll post more about Parishville tomorrow:


  1. Thanks for sharing these tour photos. It just so happens that you photographed both the house that I lived in and the Church I attended as a boy. In fact you also photographed the bridge and dam that were a short walk away from where I once lived in the 1960's. I visited Parishville in the early 1980's and took photos, but I have misplaced them. So your photos were a pleasure to find! The photo of the St. Regis resevoir area near the dam overflow show the rocks that form an island toward the middle of the river. I remember watching my Dad swimming from our back yard dock to those rocks and back one evening.
    Parishville was a great place to live! Lots of nature to explore and enjoy. I hope to visit there again some day. I live in Ohio, but try to head that way on vacation in past years, just never made it that far north recently.
    You also posted some photos of Dickenson Center where I also lived for about 3 years in my youth. They also brought back memories. I went to an old school in Dickenson Center for only one year, then they closed it and sent me to St. Regis Falls school. Do you know if the old school is still standing? It was very near, or beside the Baptist Church in Dickenson Center.
    Thanks again! John