Friday, July 29, 2011

Parishville, New York - Part 2

I'd parked alongside the road to snap a few photos and noticed this sign across the road from me and next to the dam. It bore an odd message, "Site Of First Bridge Made By White Men In Town Of Parishville 1809." I at first believed this to be the first bridge in all of New York State to be built by European settlers, but have since decided that it was only the first bridge in the tiny town of Parishville - which to my mind wouldn't be particularly notable:

The dam (or head gate, or floodgate), however, was quite impressive:

And the water of the St. Regis River which pushes through or over those gates then rushes down this rock-walled gorge. YouTube has videos of teens jumping from the bridge down into that gorge and you can view one of them here:

I was impressed by the dam and thinking how wonderful it would be to explore the gorge:

When I saw this sign. Apparently they want to be prepared should the dam give way:

But it was hot and I got back into my air conditioned car and continued my driving tour of Parishville, snapping pictures as I went:

There were lots of old houses, mostly in very good condition:

As I pulled out of town headed north, I passed through Whiskey Flats State Forest. High Flats State Forest. The White Hill Wild Forest and High Flats State Forest lie just south of the city:

And the Timber Tavern advertised pizza and breakfasts just north of town along the highway:

The town cemetery was home to a flock of exceeding large turkeys. I was on my way home and this was the end of my photo taking:


  1. Hello!!! I stumbled across your blog when looking for information about the parishville gorge...this is Dana. One of your last farm tenants. Hope all is well!!! :)

  2. Hi Dana. I am working to get the farm ready for cattle, due in the autumn. The baby chicks are already here and just moved from the house to the barn. Everything is falling into place and the inside of the barn is almost clean now.