Monday, July 18, 2011

Another Stop At Our Secret Campsite

When Sunday morning arrived, I loaded all six dogs and a box of groceries into the back of my car and headed north for another visit to the farm. We drove for almost two hours up the Northway to Exit 30, the high peaks exit, and turned northwest on Route 73. But the first order of business after being locked in the car so long was a rest stop at our favorite little campsite along the Ausable River. The dogs piled out of the car and clambered down the hill to the riverbank:

We followed a broad trail which paralleled the river as we walked deeper into the Adirondack forest:

Little Winky appears to be slowing down as he ages, but his joy at being out in the woods with us was still quite apparent:

We left the trail to rock-hop on the water's edge, but Winky had difficulty negotiating both the distance and the large rocks. He still seemed very happy, though, and considered this all a great, fun adventure:

Daphne and Clover, the two young Papillons, had no such hesitations and everything they did was at high speeds and with great excitement and boundless enthusiasm:

The Ausable River was in full summer mode, greatly reduced in water volume and running slowly as it flowed through the beautiful Adirondack forest:

Fergus, Wally and Seamus climbed out on the rocks with me to explore:

Little Clover, never lacking energy, ran back and forth between the forest path and the riverbank boulders:

Wally is showing his age and losing his eyesight, but he nevertheless followed his buddy, Seamus, right out onto the riverbank boulders:

Daphne felt the need to fully investigate every sight and smell, apparently hoping for some scrap to eat. Both of my Papillons have somewhat depraved appetites and things disappear down their throats with the speed of light. Well, it was a fun stop along the Ausable River, our first chance relax since beginning the trip. But we had miles to go before we arrived at the farm and had to return to the car and resume our journey

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