Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Little Rock Pond, White Hill Wild Forest Part 3

We'd passed by the side of Little Rock Pond and I assumed that we wouldn't be seeing it again until our return trip, on our way back to the car. We hiked on, the dogs and I, proceeding along an unknown trail in an unfamiliar forest. Each bend in the trail presented me with a new surprise:

I stepped over these tiny little green leaves with tiny white flowers. I had no idea what they were, so I snapped a photo to identify later. I've decided that this was Partidgeberry, Mitchella repens, with its creeping stems and 4-petaled flowers in twin-like union:

There was lots of Club Moss, also called Princess Pine or Ground Pine. There are apparently many species of this primitive, spore producing plant - all of them in the genus Lycopodium. I just like them because they're cute, looking like miniature evergreens:

Then around another bend I came face to face with the lower end of Little Rock Pond:

We stopped to enjoy the cool water and scenery. Fergus and Daphne did a bit of rock hopping:

In spite of its looking so much like a beaver pond, I was unable to find any chew marks on stumps. I began taking a video and only then did I discover some:

Daphne posed for a publicity photo:

The mosquitoes and deer flies were so bad that I was being bombarded continuously and bit every few seconds, all while the rain continued to fall. I sure know how to have fun, don't I?:

We departed Little Rock Pond and continued on our way, following the red trail markers through White Hill Wild Forest. I didn't know what we'd find, but it wasn't time to turn around quite yet:

I put the camera on self-timer and got a hold of Seamus who was happy to take a break:

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