Wednesday, July 20, 2011

The Last Leg Of The Journey Northward

The dogs and I had been driving for hours and were getting close to the farm. We had already stopped at the Ausable River and the Hayes Brook Horse Trail. But when I saw this service road leading off into the woods, I had to stop and do some exploring. I'm sure I don't need to explain that all the dogs were ecstatic about my decision:

These were exceedingly sandy soils, quite common in the Adirondacks, and both Seamus and Daphne were enjoying it as an outing. If you click to enlarge the picture, you'll notice the other two youngsters up ahead. The elders, Wally and Winky, were lagging behind:

There appeared to be a gravel pit up ahead and we followed the sandy lane to go check it out:

Alas, Winky is growing noticeably slower and I spend more time keeping an eye on him, urging him onward and, in some cases, giving him an assist. But he's also developing a more mellow personality and showing a great deal of joy:

I got all six dogs loaded up, counted noses two or three times for good measure and we continued on our way toward the farm:

Just south of the tiny town of Santa Clara, I'd noticed on Google Maps a swath of state land along a very wide section of the St. Regis River. Furthermore, it showed a long dirt road following the river and I intended to check it out. I pulled off the highway where it should be and found a boat launch/fishing access spot with an incredible view:

A friendly man and his little boy were fishing. I asked them about the road and was told there was none. So I continued on my way but have since realized that it's probably a barricaded service road and very likely a great hiking trail. Now I plan to go back and check it out again:

The St. Regis River is a breathtaking wild Adirondack waterway, and here where it was wide and placid I found it especially scenic. But after saying goodbye to the fishing duo and snapping a few photos, I continued on to the farm, just a few more miles northward:

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