Saturday, July 16, 2011

Perfect Miniatures

I know I've often mentioned my love of all things miniature. One of my perennial favorites (in both senses of the word) is miniature roses. They are tiny versions of the full size variety, winter hardy and almost care free. The last two roses I purchased at the grocery store for $4.00 each and set them on a kitchen counter near the spices while I prepared a pot for them:

I have several varieties, including this bi-color yellow and red:

And a pure yellow:

I now own six plants and have them in three pots outside my back door. The one problem I've found with miniature roses is that they are so small that they become buried in weeds. The pots help solve that problem. And by the way, those are four tomato plants in the background, already six feet tall and filled with green tomatoes:

My two new rose plants looked happy in their tall pot and have grown and bloomed boisterously since I put them there:

The tiny rose buds make interesting cut flowers, in this case placed near my eyeglasses to give you a sense of scale. They really are miniature:

Freshly cut red rose, everything in perfect proportion, albeit in miniature:

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