Sunday, July 10, 2011

The Return Hike, White Hill Wild Forest Part 7

After leaving Little Rock Pond, the dogs and I continued following the trail back to our car at Clear Pond. We passed several sections where very large fallen trees littered the ground like giant matchsticks. Apparently there had been a considerable blow-down in the recent past. These were very large trees with comparatively small root systems, so I suppose it's no surprise that a mighty wind would topple them. Many places in the Adirondacks have shallow soil under which is solid rock:

And I stepped over this friendly little flowering plant, snapping a photo to use for identification when I got home. But I couldn't decide if it's Northern White Violet or Dewdrop. Now that I've seen Saturday's posting from the "Saratoga Woods And Waterways" blog, I'm convinced it was Dewdrop, also known as False Violet, Dalibarda repens:

And more club mosses, a favorite of mine:

We again skirted the northern tip of Little Rock Pond:

Daphne was alert for any signs of trouble:

Both Papillons were still full of energy and undeterred by the soaking rain. They may be small lap dogs, but don't tell them that! In their minds they are miniature Border Collies:

The wetter places were filling in with Sphagnum Moss. What a chain of environment altering events a family of beavers can initiate:

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