Thursday, July 14, 2011

Stopping Along The Ausable River

We were on our way home from the farm, the dogs and I, and had passed through the Adirondacks high peaks. We were almost to the main highway where there'd be no more opportunity to let the dogs out, so I intended to stop at our favorite little campsite along the beautiful Ausable River. Alas, there was a tent there with campers. So I drove up the road farther and pulled off near what I assumed was a side channel of the Ausable River. This was, unlike the river itself, a placid and slow moving channel. The dogs ran right down to it:

Well, most of the dogs ran right down to it. Crabby little old Winky was very slow pushing his way through the tall grasses. But he was happy and doing just fine, albeit at his own turtle-like speed:

Seamus of course waded right into the water and muck:

Wally followed us, not quite as slow as Winky but not as fast as the youngsters:

The scene was lovely, with the channel slowly meandering its way through the Adirondack Mountains:

It was a hot, muggy day and a perfect place for two silly young Papillons to frolic and chase each other:

Wally is too old for much frolicking but he kept chugging along, doing his best to keep up with us:

Seamus had to cool off one more time. I heard a van full of children pull up and decided we should pile back into the car and resume our journey home. I five of the dogs in the car but had to go back for Winky, carrying him most of the way up the bank through the tall grasses. His short, bowed legs and advancing age do not incline him to great agility and high speeds. Once we were all back in the car, we resumed and finished our journey homeward:

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