Monday, July 25, 2011

A Real Mountaintop Experience On Azure Mountain

We'd reached the summit of Azure Mountain, the dogs and I, and this panorama spread out before me. I headed on down that stony path toward the edge but first stopped and put the dogs on leashes. I'd read that there's a 300 foot drop off that rocky ledge and excited dogs, especially rambunctious young Papillons, could not be trusted to use much caution or good sense:

We all walked down to the behold the spectacular view before us, and then I followed the path along the edge. Having the dogs on leashes also kept them off of the delicate Alpine vegetation:

From where we were walking, I looked back up at the fire tower:

Four or five Vultures drifted lazily on the winds at eye level, though when we walked out to the edge, they lifted up higher - perhaps because they didn't trust me, perhaps to keep an eye on us in case we'd die and provide a good meal. They were a beautiful, graceful and peaceful sight:

Adirondack mountains stretched out before us:

Bunchberry, Cornus canadensis, is a typical plant of high altitudes and it was growing plentifully atop Azure Mountain. Its bunches of berries, from which it gets its name, were evident. I always find it amazing that this tiny plant is in the same genus as the Dogwood tree:

I shot a brief video of the scene spread out around us:

And then, of course, I tied the dogs to the base of the fire tower and climbed up to the top. This is what I saw:

And this:

And this, which is where we'd been standing a few minutes earlier:

But before I climbed down, I turned my camera below me to show Fergus and Seamus tied at the base. Fergus was watching me anxiously, but Seamus was a tired dog and just needed a rest:

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