Monday, August 1, 2011

The Beautiful Boreas River

After a two night stay at the farm, the dogs and I were heading back home to Albany. We'd already had several very nice rest stops in the Adirondack forest, but when I crossed the wild and beautiful Boreas River - well, you know I had to stop once again:

I pulled the car off into the woods and parked in a clearing. The dogs all piled out of the car and we all headed into the forest. I was hoping to walk to the river's edge, but Winky and Wally were both having a great deal of trouble keeping up:
I couldn't get to the river's edge from there anyway without walking through a kind of swamp, so we all walked back to the car and I let Winky and Wally hop in and rest:
The rest of us walked directly down to the Boreas river with adventurous little Clover leading the way:
Seamus knew what a wild river was good for, and in he went:
Deeper and farther down the river he went. This would make a great canoe river, but not with six dogs in the boat:
Daphne and Clover toyed with getting their tootsies wet but went no farther than that:
And then we all headed back up the trail to where Wally and Winky were waiting for us in the car:
If you click to enlarge this photo, you'll notice Daphne browsing on grass like a cow. Both my Papillons do that, to the point that I've concluded it's a breed characteristic:
We arrived back at the peaceful clearing where the car was parked, the two little Chinese dogs resting inside:
I snapped one last photo of the lovely, inviting Boreas River as I drove away:

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