Friday, August 5, 2011

Mushroom Bonanza On Beebe Hill

I was hiking up Beebe Hill with four of my dogs and enjoying a spectacular summer day. There were multitudes of wildflowers, some of them new to me and the combination of forest and field was exceedingly pleasant:

And then I began seeing multitudes of mushrooms, most of them right in the center of the trail which was an old service road. I cannot identify any of them and won't even try, but they were beautiful:

The stuff from which fairy tales are spun:

The forest was edging closer to the road as we hiked upward, providing more cooling shade for me - and also for the growing of wild mushrooms:

Wonderful puffballs:

Fergus discovered this beauty and I've since wondered if it had an interesting odor:

Fanciful in form and color:

Perfectly delightful:

And this group of three, with two golden capped mushrooms and pure white - well, it looked rather like a penis:

This small wildflower was a total mystery to me and my photo was not good enough to be much help in identifying it. But after a thorough perusal of my Peterson's Field Guide, I believe this was Grove Sandwort, Arenaria lateriflora, a member of the Pink family. Another new one for me:

But the trail led onward and always upward, becoming more beautiful as we ascended Beebe Hill. The frog pond which usually abuts the trail was totally dry on this hot summer day. I'll post more tomorrow:

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