Monday, August 8, 2011

The Lean-To On Beebe Hill

The dogs and I had hiked up Beebe Hill and I'd ascended the fire tower (see previous posts). I then headed off toward the lean-to and Opal Pond, passing this patch of Lowbush Blueberries along the way. There were only a few very tiny blueberries, but that didn't stop me from eating a couple of them as I passed by:

It was a hot day and Seamus took a brief rest under a tree:

And then we all plunged into the woods following the fern lined trail. It had a fairy tale look to it:

We continued following the trail and I admired what looked to me like an enchanted forest:

The Papillons and Fergus led the way, but Seamus stayed at my heels. I even tried urging him forward, but he was happy were he was:

I knew the dogs were thirsty, but when we got to the formerly beautiful Opal Pond, I found it nearly dried up. The dogs would have to wait for a drink of water:

I was just thinking that a gingerbread house would be right at home in these woods when I saw this roof through the trees just ahead of us. Of course I knew it was the lean-to, but it still looked magical to me:

I've promised myself many times to sneak up here sometime with all the dogs and spend a night in this lean-to. So far it's never happened, but maybe some day I'll do it:

And then we continued on our way along the trail which stayed in the forest and began taking us steeply downhill toward the trail head:

When we reached the creek just before the trail head, I knew the dogs were all thirsty so I stopped to let them have their fill:

Seamus was of course the first dog to reach the water and he went right in. Daphne just had herself a drink. After that, we piled into the car and headed for home:

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