Sunday, August 7, 2011

The Beebe Hill Fire Tower

Well, it'd been a nice hike up to the top of Beebe Hill with my four dogs, and very soon we arrived at the restored fire tower. A historic fire tower with a magnificent view less than a mile from the trail head which hardly anyone knows about - what could be better than that?:

And it's a beauty, too:

At the base of it grew Smartweeds in bloom, though I couldn't tell from my field guide which species:

And more Day-Lilies and raspberries:

I walked right to the base of the fire tower and looked up:

And then I tied each of the four dogs to each of the four uprights to prevent them from climbing up behind me:

The view, predictably, was magnificent:

There are four sides to the fire tower cab and views in every direction:

It seemed to me that the towers of downtown Albany should have been visible from up there, but I couldn't find them:

Looking down at little Clover, tied below and waiting patiently for me. I'll post more tomorrow:

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