Saturday, August 20, 2011

Mountain Pond And Hays Brook Horse Trail

I was on my way north with all 6 dogs in the car. It's a long journey, usually taking about 5 hours. We'd had one rest stop in Keene, New York, but about an hour and a half later I thought the dogs needed another chance to get out of the car and do their thing. And of course, I did also. I pulled off the road and alongside Mountain Pond. There was A handsome Loon swimming in the center and I took several photos hoping to crop them down to show the bird, but they were just not high enough resolution to get away with that. You'll have to take my word for it that an Adirondack Loon is floating happily in the center of this mountain lake:

The dogs cared not one whit about the Loon and just wanted out of the car. But first I had to get back inside with them and drive us on a littler farther:

I drove around the end of Mountain Pond to the parking lot for Hays Brook Horse Trail. Then both the dogs and I got out and, instead of taking the usual trail, we headed directly into the forest:

The forest, of course, was wild and beautiful. Little Winky was his usual, independent, pokey self:

Wally needed encouragement also, and Seamus hung around both to be close to me and, I think, to encourage Wally:

The edge of the forest was filled with ripe Lowbush Blueberries, so of course I ate some:

With Wally and Winky along, we can't get too far from the car. The youngsters were able to run back and forth at will between the forest and the parking lot. I discovered that I've been misspelling the name of this place all along. It is "Hays," not "Hayes." That means that all my previous posts and the labels at the bottom have been wrong. But I'll correct it from here forward instead of trying to find all the old posts and correct them:

Winky is able to get himself over fallen logs, he just does it slooooooooooowly:

But this was only a rest stop and we hadn't even arrived yet at the farm. So I got all 6 dogs back into the car and resumed the journey:

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  1. I just found this page after you telling me the name of the trails. Maybe I can convince Susan to go up there this summer and do a bit of riding/driving. Bonnie