Sunday, August 21, 2011

Arriving At The Farm On A Summer's Day

It was a hot August day when I arrived at the farm with the dogs. Everything looked good:

My first order of business after putting the dogs in their fenced run was to unpack the car and carry everything into the apartment - especially the frozen foods, by then totally thawed. But once all that was taken care of, I walked around to see the place. The lawns were mowed and the Tall Garden Phlox were blooming:

Aren't they beautiful? After I admired the local flowers here on this blog, a friend dug some up and gave them to me for the farm. They're doing great and looking like happy plants:

I walked over toward the south hay field and looked back toward the farm house:

Just past the lawn and a weedy patch of Goldenrod, the south hay field had been cut and baled:

And my thornless raspberry patch, which both tenants had enjoyed, had one odd plant covered with ripe fruit. Having never tasted my own raspberries before, I gave them a try and found them marvelous:

The apple trees were full of almost ripe apples:

And the pear tree was covered with fruit almost ready for picking:

I walked across the road to talk to my neighbors and shot one photo of the house and barn from their place. Well, it was time for me to take the dogs indoors and decide how I was going to spend my summer Sunday afternoon, but I'll post about that tomorrow:

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