Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Evening And Morning In The Farm Apartment

I'd already had a long, busy Sunday. I'd been up at 3:30, done all the chores, packed up my car for the trip north, driven 5 hours to get to the farm, walked the grounds, visited the neighbor across the road, hiked with 4 dogs along the shore of the St. Regis River and driven back to the farm. When the dogs had all been taken care of, I settled down in my little farm apartment and realized that I was totally exhausted. From the looks of things, the dogs were ready for a bit of a snooze also:

Little Clover leaped up on the bed and made herself comfortable:
The dogs had already been fed and had several bowls of food on the floor. But as you can see, they were hoping for something tastier than dog food:
But they quickly gave up on that idea and began settling down for the night. I ate a quick dinner, told myself that I was going to lie down and read for a bit and fell asleep. As I said, it'd been a long day:
I awoke the next morning long before dawn and let the dogs out. When they were back in, Wally watched me brew a pot of coffee, do my exercises and haul out the puzzle books:
Clover and Daphne watched also, but from a more comfortable location:
Eventually I cooked myself a super-healthy breakfast of vegetable stew:
By then the sky was beginning to lighten, though no sun was yet visible:
But of course the sun did come up and I decided to take the 4 young dogs for a walk across the south hay field. But first they had to wait while I made one more trip to the thornless raspberry patch:
Although raspberry season was past, there was still a handful of luscious berries on one plant. I gobbled them up and then set out across the hay field with the 4 dogs. But I'll post about that tomorrow:

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