Monday, August 29, 2011

Hiking The Pinnacle, Part 3

I'd reached the scenic overlook of The Pinnacle and enjoyed the magnificent view, though I tied the dogs up first to keep them away from the edge:

I didn't know if this was the final overlook or if the trail would lead on to more scenic wonders, so I followed a little trail into the woods only to have it end near a patch of Trilliums already in fruit:

There was nothing to be done at that point except to begin the descent down the same trail which had brought us to the top. But it was a lovely path through the Adirondack forest and I knew it would be a scenic, pleasant walk:

Princess Pines, also known as Ground Pines or Club Mosses, grew in little mini-forests scattered along the trail:

And these rather large mosses holding their spore capsules aloft:

Daphne, true to form, stopped frequently along the way to browse on vegetation:

We hiked down, down, down the magnificent Adirondack forest mountainside. You can see in this photo how the mountain drops off just past the trees:

And little Clover once again gave me her "She-Wolf, Queen Of The Forest" pose:

A happy moment with the camera on self-timer mode:

And onward through some level parts of the forest with Seamus leading the way. He had lots more energy now that he'd lost some weight:

And soon we were back at the trail head. There had been not one other person on the mountain. Once again, we'd had that lovely forest and scenery all to ourselves. I signed out at the kiosk and began driving down the 1.7 mile gravel road to the highway:

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