Thursday, August 25, 2011

Part 1, Morning Walk In The South Hay Field

I'd driven up to the farm on Sunday and, as I usually do, slept like a baby in the farm apartment. I woke up Monday morning feeling quite wonderful. Once the sun was finally up (I wake up early!), I took the 4 youngest dogs for a walk in the south hay field. It had been cut and baled, but not yet hauled away:

A newly mowed hay field is a wonderful place for a young Papillon to run full speed, filled with fun. And here is Clover, doing just that:

We came upon the hay wagon sitting empty and looking picturesque:

I lifted both Daphne and Clover up onto the hay wagon and they seemed to enjoy it. Well, I must admit that they enjoy almost everything. I liked this photo so very much that it is now, as you've noticed, the header for my blog:

And up onto a hay bale. Seamus would have enjoyed that also, but when I tried to help him up, he was just too heavy. Also, he went all rubber-legged on me like he gets when being groomed:

The south hay field is over 9 acres so we had a nice, long walk. At about the half way point I turned around and snapped a picture of the homestead. That's my red barn there off in the distance:

There's a row of trees bisecting the field and the farmer had left his hay rake in its shade:

But we kept on walking, continuing on through a gap in the trees to another section of the hay field. As you can see, the dogs were still full of energy and full of fun:

The farmer had parked his tractor and baler on the far side of the tree line. That spear attached to the front of the bucket is for lifting those big, round bales:

Seamus' diet is working wonders on him and he is looking thinner and feeling more energetic. I thrilled to see my gentle giant running across the fields and feeling young again. Well, there is more to post from this hay field walk and I'll do that tomorrow:

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