Friday, August 26, 2011

Part 2, Morning Walk In The South Hay Field

I was midway in an early morning walk through the south hay field and we'd reached the far end which is screened by a row of trees. The farmer had parked his tractor and baler there. Daphne and Clover, as you can see, still had more than enough energy to wrestle in between bouts of full speed running:

We were heading back via the grassy passage through the line of trees. Some day I hope to have a gate there so I can use rotational grazing:

The neighbors had been picking blackberries and riding their horses along the tree line, so I did a close inspection for ripe fruit. Alas, it all seemed to gone:

Daphne struck a particularly lady-like and Papillon-like pose, so I quickly snapped a photo of her. I don't usually get many of either of those from her:

We were nearing the house and barn when I caught little Clover bounding for joy:

And Fergus joined in the fun also. You can tell by his flapping ears:

Even ponderous Seamus, he of newly reduced weight, did some running with his ears a-flappin':

It's a picturesque farm on a windswept northern plain just 3 miles north of the Adirondack Park line:

Well, we were almost back to home and I knew that Wally and Winky were inside waiting for us. We picked up our pace a bit:

There's a strip of un-mowed weeds, apparently mostly Goldenrod, between the south hay field and the barn. Well, we were back at the house and it was time to seriously consider taking a real hike. But I'll post about that tomorrow:

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