Sunday, May 16, 2010

More Northern Adirondack Exploration

I continued to snap photos of the cabins along the Port Kent/Red Tavern Road and was fascinated by them. I saw no people nor even parked cars. So even though I was in an area with lots of private property and cabins, I still had the feeling that the dogs and I were all alone in the wilderness:

Under the pines:

I arrived in a small town alongside a lake. Both the lake and town were named Loon Lake:

I saw no Post Office, no general store, but only residences. The scenery, however, was spectacular:

This dirt alleyway was the access to a row of Loon Lake residences. I didn't think it odd at the time, but remember now that I never saw any people in the town. Not a single soul:

A bridge over the supply river for Loon Lake provided an opportunity to take a photo:

I left the town of Loon Lake and continued on my way, passing this restaurant in the "town" of Mountain View. As far as I could see, this one building was the entire town. It was not open and I had the impression that it was more of a social hall than an actual restaurant:

And entered State lands once again:

This old abandoned house appeared to be an old farm house:

I was by this time in full "exploration mode" and snapping photos as I enjoyed seeing all this scenery, both the cabins and the wild Adirondacks, for the first time:

I finally found a general store on the road but, alas, it was closed. This store is for sale if you've always dreamed of owning one. I kept driving and taking pictures. I was on a roll and will post more photos tomorrow:

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