Friday, May 7, 2010

Just Wait 'Til You See This House!

Shortly after I'd purchased the farm, Rick drove up to visit and assess what work needed to be done. We spent a weekend there and toured the surrounding area. One of the most interesting and memorable sights was "The Toilet House" in Potsdam, New York.

Potsdam is beautiful small city with two universities, grand old homes and much to recommend it. But right there on one of its main roads was a house ornamented with multiple toilets and urinals. It was bizarre. So on my last trip up to the farm, I put Daphne in the car with me and drove to Potsdam to get a few photos. I found it still decorated with Easter eggs, or at least that's what I think they were. I parked in the lot of a convenience store across the road. The first thing I noticed was the - uh, rather colorful garage. And yes, those are urinals adorning the garage. Feel free to click these images to enlarge them for a closer look:

And then I walked around the corner to get a snapshot of all the toilets in the front yard:

Each toilet on the lawn was filled with plastic flowers and the bushes were bearing colorful plastic Easter eggs. I never did figure out what the scarecrow was all about:

In addition to 5 urinals, the owner of this property has adorned his garage with what appear to be dinner plates and much colorful paint:

I asked a man at the convenience store if he knew the story of "The Toilet House" but he did not. A college age man walked by and I asked if lots of people take photos here. He laughed and indicated that they sure do:

This is the house which apparently goes with the toilet, sink and urinal display. If the photo is framed to exclude the silly lawn and garage ornamentation, it looks staid and dignified:

I took one final look at the incredible display:

And walked back to my car with Daphne inside. I'd brought her with me in part to help with her socialization, but also because she's so small and Seamus is so giant that I'm hesitant to leave them together untended. He'd never hurt her on purpose, but he's so big that he might do so accidentally. Since I was on a tour of the area, I decided to travel some of the rural roads I hadn't yet seen. I'll post photos from that tour in the days to come:

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