Monday, May 17, 2010

Owl's Head, New York

I continued plunging headlong down the Port Kent Road (it was no longer called Red Tavern Road), taking little notice of anything but the cabins and the scenery. I was snapping photos like a cub reporter on steroids. This sturdy cabin was large enough to be a year 'round residence. I liked it:

I took a side road which traversed a sort of swamp. It lead only to a dead end road with one residence, so I retraced my route back to what I naively still believed to be the Port Kent Road:

There were pines in this part of the Adirondacks, not hardwoods or spruce/tamarack forests:

And then I drove into a tiny town called Owl's Head. I took only this one photo, its only church, but I now wish I'd taken more. A huge chunk of solid rock watched over the town and I guessed that was Owl's Head Mountain. That may be the shoulder of the mountain just visible behind the church. But the town was not on my map so I stopped at the Post Office (a miracle in itself that such a tiny town would have a Post Office) and asked for directions. "Just go back that-a-way, take a right, then a left, then a right" I was told. I tried to do as I was directed but soon had to admit that I was hopelessly lost:

I was beginning to panic. There are almost no road signs in these parts. I suppose they assume you wouldn't be here if you didn't live here. So I just kept driving, still snapping a few photos, though with considerably less enthusiasm with each passing mile:

The roads were easy to travel, being mostly straight, level and well paved. But they went on and on for miles and miles and miles with no cross roads, no traffic, no people:

More pines. I suppose it says something of my state of mind that I stopped in the midst of my panic to take a photo of "more pines." What was I thinking?:

A pretty little mountain pond:

All right, I'll admit it. This scenery was so gorgeous that I put on hold my panic at being lost:

I finally found a man who told me that I HAD (yes, I HAD) to return to Route 30 to get to Albany and I whined that I had begun on Route 30 several hours ago. But he insisted, so I went were I was told and within 15 minutes or so was back on Route 30. Apparently I'd been traveling in a big circle and was almost back where I'd crossed the highway. Oh well, I took one more photo of the scenery before getting back onto the main roads. I'll finish my trip in tomorrow's post:

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  1. I live in Owl's Head, just up the road and around the corner from that red house. That was a tavern way back, and probably the red tavern that the road was named for.