Monday, May 10, 2010

Back Roads Tour, Part 3

I had taken Daphne with me on my driving tour of the local country roads and she was behaving beautifully, staying in the back of the car as she's learned that's the place for dogs. She'd often stick her head up by me for affection, but otherwise rode happily in the back. As we toured the back roads, we came upon this old barn which had been made into a garage:

This might have been a new house or an older house which had been very nicely remodeled. Either way it was someone's comfortable country home:

A one story outbuilding and a home which apparently had once been a barn:

Two old barns, one of which was sagging badly. There were animals inside and outside, so they're both still used for livestock, hay and equipment. In fact, you can see some farm equipment in the field:

This looks like an old dairy farm, but I'd wager it's now a grass farm producing hay. This is hay country and much of its flat, fertile grassland is devoted to producing that crop:

A more woodsy style of home set amongst the trees:

A traditional family farm. It looked to me like the sort of place I'd like to go for Thanksgiving dinner. And if you're in the market for a classic Thunderbird, they're offering one for sale:

Two old barns:

The St. Regis River snakes and curls everywhere. It also has multiple branches so it is common to cross this lovely, unspoiled river every few minutes as you travel this rural area. There are modern, sturdy bridges on many roads and much money appears to be spent on their upkeep:

A friendly family farm:

This old house and barns looked to me to be the traditional Adirondack style. Our tour was almost over and it was time for me to head towards home. But I still have one more post of photos from the back roads which will appear tomorrow:

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