Sunday, May 9, 2010

Back Roads Tour, Part 2

Daphne and I were driving around the rural roads, mostly between my farm and Potsdam, New York. The scenery was classic All-American farmland and this place is certainly a case in point:

And white churches dot the landscape everywhere. This part of the country is not a fundamentalist stronghold and most of these old church buildings house small traditional Protestant congregations. There's some modern church buildings also, but they're not particularly photogenic so I left them alone:

This house and barns placed on flat farm land would be perfectly at home anywhere in the local area:

A comfortable rural family home:

I saw four donkeys alongside the road and stopped to get their photo. The first two pretty much ignored me:

One donkey of the second pair seemed to be friendlier. I also took note of their collapsed barn and wondered where they stayed in the winter:

Many old farmsteads have a trailer or two or three parked nearby. These are probably for sons or daughters who work in the area but can't afford to buy a home and land of their own:

Hay fields up there are huge. I'm not very good at estimating acreage, but I'd venture to say that hundred acre fields are quite common:

This rural home was right up close to the road, all the better for keeping the driveway free of snow:

A pile of logs and a vintage tractor parked in an emerald hay field:

This giant old barn is much like mine. I stopped and snapped its photo and then continued on my way. I've got lots more pictures of local scenery to post and will present more to you tomorrow:

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