Saturday, May 1, 2010

Keene Valley, An Adirondack Town - Part 2

This is day two of our tour of the little Adirondack town of Keene Valley, New York. Almost any building in the town has views of the high peaks. This is a true valley with mountains on each side of the highway. Pictured here is the Ausable Inn. I had lunch out on their patio once and it was quite pleasant:

I don't remember what this sign said and can't read it in the photo, but I think this was a bed and breakfast:

A private residence:

A store called The Mountaineer which seems to specialize in skiing gear:

The local hardware store. I've been in there before buying both hardware and gifts:

Need your car fixed? You can stop here:

Behind a row of houses I saw this modern-day Yurt. Someone is camping in style:

Rivermeade Farm Market. They had no produce on their porch this day, but usually do in the summertime:

A private home with another mountain behind it:

Custom Picture Framing, but I'm not sure I'd trust the artistic abilities of the painter of the this trailer:

This is the farm which goes with the horse pasture whose picture has appeared frequently in this blog:

One final home along the highway:

Route 73 continues on out of town towards the high peaks and this is the view. It was time for me to continue my journey towards the farm:

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