Friday, April 30, 2010

Keene Valley, An Adirondack Town - Part 1

After leaving Chapel Pond, Route 73 descended down into the Keene Valley. The speed limit was lowered as I entered the small town of Keene Valley. It's a tiny town which caters mostly to tourists as it's right on the main road through the High Peaks Region. Well, it was such a beautiful day that I decided to get out and take some pictures. This first building initially appeared to be a boarding house, but I later got close enough to identify it as the Nature Conservancy. Notice the mountain in the background:

A private home with a wrap-around porch. The owners certainly have some nice scenery to gaze at from their rocking chairs:

The local church. I didn't notice what kind:

This is the view you see of the town of Keene Valley as you enter it on Route 73. As I said, it's not a metropolis:

Houses along Main Street with mountains in the background:

And with more mountains in the background:

The Birch Store:

The ice cream store:

The Skylight Gallery:

Adirondack Realty:

I saw what appeared to be an alley running off the highway and loved the view of the neighboring mountains so I snapped this picture:

The Rustic Store:

A closer view of the office of The Nature Conservancy:

The Keene Valley Public Library. I've got more photos of the town which I'll post tomorrow:

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