Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Traveling Between The High Peaks

The dogs and I were off the main highway and making our way northward as we headed up to the farm. We'd had a rest stop at an Adirondack campsite along the Ausable River. Now we were driving on State Route 73, perhaps the most scenic route in the Adirondacks, which we'd take as far as Lake Placid:

I'd already decided to take my time and have fun exploring, so I enjoyed the views as mountains rose up all around us. And of course I stopped to take pictures:

We were in the High Peaks Region, from which I once upon a time launched hikes up Giant Mountain, Rocky Peak Ridge and Dix Mountain. Rocky cliffs rose straight up into the air on both sides of the winding road and I was more than happy to stop to photograph them:

Steep, sheer rocky walls on all sides. I'm glad I didn't have to climb up any of them, though that is a popular sport for many younger, more athletic folks:

At the bottom of some of these cliffs is a rushing torrent of a river and on their rocky faces the deciduous trees are beginning to bud:

This is a typical scene along the two lane Route 73. You can see the guard rail along the edge of the road:

The sky was clear and the mountains looked friendly and inviting. But these are not mountains at a distance - these are mountains close enough to reach out and touch:

We passed by the trail head for the Dix Mountain Wilderness trail. I've hiked on it several times in days past, but these days prefer easier trails with fewer people. But we still had lots of traveling to do just to get to the farm, so I got back into my car and set out once again. I've got more photos to post in the days to come:

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