Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Dog Days At Work

I work a half day each Saturday morning and work alone in the office, so I bring in 4 of my dogs each time. It's company for me and good socialization for the dogs. They get to meet lots of new people and, occasionally, new dogs. Casey had been coming to work with me each Saturday for many years, but now that she's gone and little Daphne has joined the pack, I took the current four to work with me (Wren and Winky stay home for a variety of reasons). But I was not alone at work this past Saturday. I had a couple of other employees working with me - and one of them brought in his new Miniature Dachshund puppy, Charlie:

Daphne was thrilled to have a playmate who could match her energy, size and silliness. My other dogs surely seem like old fuddy-duddies to Daphne. Kind-hearted Seamus was interested in little Charlie, who appeared to think he was a giant mutant of some kind:

Seamus watched wistfully (I think he wished he was small, young and playful) while Daphne pestered Charlie into a wrestling match:

Wally checked out the commotion briefly, then wisely backed away to take a nap:

"C'mon, Charlie. Let's play. Are you scared? Chicken? C'mon, I dare you, wiener-dog:"

"Charlie is taking a nap, so how about you play with me, big boy?":

One employee gave Charlie a time out in a waste paper box. Daphne is protesting, wanting her playmate back. Seamus, as you can tell from the expression on his face, is just thrilled by all the commotion. He's still young enough to enjoy commotion:

Charlie's dad came in and gave him some cuddle time while I gave Daphne the top drawer treatment. Oddly, like Charlie in the waste paper box, she seemed to enjoy it:

Did we get any work done that day? Actually, quite a lot, though it may seem like the day was devoted to canine games. Here, Daphne demonstrates her computer skills:

And finally, a brief video of Daphne and Charlie at play:

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