Wednesday, April 21, 2010

The Great Daffodil Caper

I came home from work one day and let the dogs out into the back yard for a "romp and poop." I went out with them and saw that my one and only clump of Daffodils was in bloom and decided that I'd get some posed photographs with dogs sitting serenely in front of the flowers. I began with little Daphne. I almost deleted this photo during editing, but then decided that it gives a far more accurate portrayal of how my doggy photo shoot actually went down than any of the others:

Little Wren, in contrast, is not much of a mover so her photo was easier. She did keep rolling over on her back, but I eventually got her to sit and hold still. The contented look you see on her face is no illusion. She was indeed feeling quite contented and pleased with life:

Daphne, AKA Daffy Duck, was full of energy and ran in circles exploring as if she'd never seen the place before. She thought it was a hoot to have Dad out there with a camera in his hands stepping carefully to avoid the dog poop:

Handsome Seamus has slowed down considerably and he was quite happy to hold a pose for his portrait:

While all the while, Daphne was running and exploring and looking for something to use as a toy:

"Look, Dad. I found two rawhide chewies. Now they're mine and I could run with them if only they'd both fit in my mouth:"

Another shot of Wren with a pleased look on her face:

Alas, I never managed to get a photo of Wally or Fergus. Well, I'll make up for it in subsequent posts. In this final picture, Winky mugs for the camera while Wren trots off to find the perfect place to poop:

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