Thursday, April 29, 2010

Chapel Pond

We'd just passed Giant Mountain and the Dix Mountain Wilderness Area when we arrived at beautiful Chapel Pond. This mountain lake is bordered by sheer rock cliffs on one side and is enormously scenic. It was too close to the road for me to let the dogs out, but I stopped and walked down to the shoreline with my camera:

You can see in this picture both the clearness of the water revealing the rocky lake bottom and the sheer cliff on the other shore:

To the east, the sheer cliff becomes a mountainside which settles back down into the terrain. The pines and cedars surrounding the lake give everything a peaceful feeling:

Another side of the lake with a steeper cliff on its shoreline:

A friendly grouping of cedars:

Looking across Chapel Pond towards the east, the direction from which we've just come:

The sun was warm and I was feeling happy and contented:

And the rocky cliffs were magnificent, contrasting dramatically with the serenity of Chapel Pond:

But the dogs were waiting for me, so I began climbing back up towards my car which is just above those boulders:

And there was my little red car filled with dogs. It was time for me to resume my journey:

But before I resumed my journey, I opened the hatch door and took a photo of the dogs who seemed to be enjoying their outing:

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