Thursday, April 22, 2010

Dog Playing And Dogs Sleeping

No, Wren is not snarling in this picture. That's more like a smile. She was feeling happy and contented at the time. I don't think Wren is capable of snarling, though she most certainly can give a warning bark to Daphne when she pushes too far:

And speaking of Daphne, here she is wrestling with Fergus and using rawhide chewies and one of my rugs as toys. Daphne and Fergus have a grand time playing together, though I think Seamus misses his playmate, Fergus:

Daphne and Fergus on my bed. I can't allow Seamus on the bed or there wouldn't be room for me. And Wren and Winky just want to jump down. But I do most nights sleep with Daphne, Fergus and Wally. Fergus divides his time between me and Seamus, periodically jumping down to sleep with his good buddy:

Winky can snooze with the best of them. I cut a cat door into my bedroom door many years ago so that I could close the door but still allow the cats to come and go at will. Now that I've got so many dogs and birds in my room, I exclude the cats. I do, after all, need to get SOME sleep:

Daphne is a Papillon and they were bred to be companions. That's their job. She slept by my side from the very first night, seeming to have an innate understanding of the cuddling concept:

"Hi there. I allow Dad up here sometimes if he's been good to me:"

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