Saturday, May 22, 2010

The Taconic Crest Trail - Part 2

The dogs and I had begun our hike on the Taconic Crest Trail and were on our way to the Snow Hole, a sort of grotto which reputedly holds its snow year 'round. Well, it used to, at least before global warming. In the past I've found tiny amounts of snow in early July but little or no snow thereafter. This was early May so I had high hopes.

We'd ascended the rocky slopes which began the hike and then descended into the protected valley between the peaks. Now we were were gradually climbing up towards the scenic overlooks and the Snow Hole. The forests surrounding the trail were spectacularly beautiful in an early spring sort of way. The trail was clear cut and the whole look of the mountain path was one of magic, of a fairy tale come to life. Notice that little Daphne is once again (or still) running joyfully, this time with her playful buddy, Fergus:

Besides the other flowers I presented in yesterday's post, there were purple and white violets along the trail:

Shadblow trees were in full bloom in the canopy of miniaturized trees and the Trout Lilies were in full bloom carpeting the ground below. The effect reminded me of Easter decorations:

And Daphne kept running joyously:

Fergus ran for a while, but eventually pooped out:

On and on we hiked. This trail is aptly called a "crest trail" for one can see the drop off into the valleys below in nearly every direction, at least a great deal of the time. Notice in this photo the clear sky up ahead. There are no mountains blocking the view for we are on top already:

Daphne continued to romp and play:

But Seamus was getting winded:

Fergus was still having fun, but less enthusiastically than previously. Notice the muddy feet:

On and on we hiked, with flowering Shadblow trees in the canopy, Silver Birch trees alongside the trail, and carpets of Trout Lilies in all directions. Even the dogs seemed to appreciate the magical beauty:

Here's a sample of the "carpets of Trout Lilies:"

Fergus and Daphne, being the youngest and most energetic, continued to lead the way:

And after some time, we arrived at the first scenic overlook. These are the Taconic Mountains on the border between New York and Massachusetts and the view was stunning:

Besides the Taconic Mountains in the distance, the Shadblow trees were blooming on the slope:

Here's a brief video taken while on the trail. It was a very hot day, which seemed at odds with the early spring blooms and buds we found on the mountain tops. But is was beautiful and the dogs were thrilled to be outdoors and were running happily:

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