Monday, May 3, 2010

A Stop At Mountain Pond

We drove through the town of Lake Placid and on through Ray Brook, Saranac Lake and Brighton. We turned right at Paul Smith's, which is apparently the name of both the college and the town. Then we traveled north on Route 30 until I saw the sign for Mountain Pond and decided it was time for another rest break:

The dogs were, of course, happy to get out and run around, smelling the smells and seeing the sights:

And naturally they wanted a drink of lake water:

This lovely lake is one of my favorite stops:

Seamus is striking his "noble pose" up by where I'd parked the car:

Wren enjoys some motionless outdoor bliss while Wally still has the energy to run across the grass:

Daphne was thrilled to discover such a thing as a mountain lake and ran in big circles:

And sniffed for wildlife:

While Seamus scouted for bears:

I was happy and enjoyed a moment in nature:

Wren may not be an agile and energetic youngster, but she sure does enjoy her forays into the mountains:

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