Sunday, May 2, 2010

The Cascade Lakes And Lake Placid

There's one more town in the Keene Valley and that is the town of Keene. But the moment one leaves Keene, the road begins to climb sharply up into the Adirondack Mountains. And very soon one sees the first of the Cascade Lakes, a chain of lakes running right alongside the highway:

I still remember the first time I came upon the Cascade Lakes. I was so taken with their beauty that I was deeply moved:

Well, I'd determined to take my time and stop for adventures and photos, so I pulled off the road and parked the car. You can see giant Seamus standing up in the car keeping his eye on me:

There was a lake on one side of the road, and a steep cliff on the other:

And stretching out along the highway are more lakes, more cliffs, more mountains, more beauty:

And soon after passing by the Cascade Lakes we saw the village of Lake Placid up ahead. The Olympic Ski Jumps are a clear marker for locating the town at a distance:

With beautiful Adirondack mountains all around:

I stopped along the road and snapped a photo through some trees toward what I think was Whiteface Mountain. This turned out to be a particularly striking photo. It was time, though, to continue on our way and I'll have more to post tomorrow:

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