Wednesday, May 26, 2010

My Life Is Going To The Dogs

One evening after an especially energetic bout of wrestling with Fergus, Daphne made herself comfortable in the valley between the interior pillows in Seamus' doggy bed. She looked so tiny there, but comfortable:

And this, once again, is Daphne. This time we're at work and she's come to my desk asking for some attention:

Also at work, Daphne and Fergus are wrestling once again. You can see who is winning:

And as for Seamus, he spent his time at work sprawled on the cool tile floor:

Wally at least found some carpet to soften his nap:

Fergus and Seamus were curled up comfortably together but Daphne wanted in on it. She couldn't wedge herself between them so settled for being on top. She's actually napping in this photo:
Seamus, Fergus and Daphne, back at home now, indulge in some more communal napping:

Winky, AKA Mr. Personality, strikes a friendly pose on an orange rug:

While Wren tries to look seductive on a red rug. Do you suppose she could be a centerfold?:

Oh, it's the napping threesome once again. Now you see how my life is going to the dogs. Not that I'm complaining, mind you:

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